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Sneak Peek at Tat Days 2019 Projects!

Well, it’s been a while since I had something to write about…so I thought I’d let you in on the teacher list for Tatting Corner Tat Days 2019 – “The Wild Life of Tatting” to be held in Chesterfield, Indiana, from July 11 through 13.  Registration will be opening in mid to late January 2019 and we’ll have three full days of tatting fun!

Confirmed teachers are as follows:

Randy Houtz – Bauble How-To, Bauble Hedgehog, Chain Around Butterfly, Double-Stitch on Picot Sunflower, Layered Flower, Pearl Tatted Bear Face

K Boniface – Very Wild 3D Giraffe

Carollyn Brown – Unlock Your Wild Side (Tatting Around Keys)

Carolyn Craig – Domesticating the Wild Feline for a PURR-fect Cat

Sharon Fawns – Hybrid Tatted Bracelet

Kaye Judt – Googly Eyed Owl (no picture available yet)

Merie Lettieri – Wild Daisy

Shelley Perreault – Spiral Galaxy Ice Drop

Georgia Seitz – TBD

Well, I think that’s all for today…oh, wait.  You wanted to see pictures?  A sneak peek?  Well, ok……

Oh, and you can already make hotel reservations – call the Best Western Plus at 765-649-2500 and mention Tatting Corner to get the $99.99 per night rate (for up to 4 people)!

Happy Tatting,



Designer of the Week: Hye-oon Lee

Hye-oon Lee has published her second book, Lovely Tatting:  Doilies for Fall and Winter.  IMO, it’s even better than the first book – and I loved the first one!  Here, she shares with us the reasoning behind one of the prettiest patterns in the new book, “Serafina”:

One Christmas, my daughter and I went to see The Nutcracker. She wanted to see it for such a long time, and we finally got to see it that year. It was a magical sight to see the ballerinas dancing across the stage in their beautiful tutus and pointe shoes. While developing the Serafina motif and doilies, I remembered the colors and textures of Maurice Sendak’s production. I used two colors (gray and pink) to clearly show the use of the split ring technique, which I chose to use instead of chains to avoid reversing the work. Every time I look at the Serafina motif and doilies, it’s a pleasant reminder of that Christmas.

The book can be purchased from the Tatting Corner using the following link: