Designer of the Week: Hye-oon Lee

Designer of the Week:  Hye-oon Lee

Book:  Lovely Tatting:  Doilies for Spring and Summer

Tatting Corner Stock Number:  LEEHO-01

Featured Pattern:  Cherry Blossom Doily 3, pages 34 and 35

Hye-oon writes:  “Every spring, my family and I go to the Quad at the University of Washington to see the cherry blossoms. They are in full bloom around March and the campus is overflowing with visitors who go to enjoy the display of the season. We try to go a bit early to stroll the campus when it is still quiet and peaceful. Plus, nothing beats the early morning light shining through the tall trees. I was inspired by the light pink petals floating in the wind and wanted to somehow capture the little petal shapes through tatting. The Cherry Blossom set of three motifs and three doilies is the result. The motifs are composed of little petals and the doilies are extensions of the motifs, growing into full cherry blossoms. Motifs are really important to me, as they are the foundation and beginning of a larger idea. Additionally, they are small enough to be tatted by people who are just learning to tat!”

Techniques Featured:  Split rings, split chains, two shuttle tatting

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