Sneak Peek at Tat Days 2020!

Well, it’s been a while since I had something to write about…so I thought I’d let you in on the teacher list for Tatting Corner Tat Days 2020 – “The Roaring 2020’s” to be held in Chesterfield, Indiana, from July 9 through 11.  Registration will be opening in mid to late January 2020 and we’ll have three full days of tatting fun!

Confirmed teachers are as follows:

Mike Lyon – Flapper Bling #1 and The Eyes Have It

K Boniface – Star and Comet

MaryAnna Robinson – Choker/Headband

Carolyn Craig – Tatted Gatsby Boudoir Cap, Tatted Roaring 20’s Drawstring Bag

Sharon Fawns – Thumb Chatelaine and Wave Earrings (designed by Corina Meyfeldt and taught with permission)

Kaye Judt – Flapper’s Fascination and Mighty Grand Mane

Teresa Woods – Beginner Shuttle & Needle Tatting, and Reading & Converting Tatting Patters from the 1920’s

Shelley Perreault – Mad About The Mouse

Mike Lyon will also offer a class entitled Encasing Tatting In Resin, and there will be a Techniques Toolkit panel offered throughout the conference that will feature several of the wonderful teachers listed above.

Well, I think that’s all for today…oh, wait.  You wanted to see pictures?  A sneak peek?  Well, ok……

12 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at Tat Days 2020!

  1. OHhhh, I am fascinated with and a collector of all things ‘blue eyes’. I’ll be registering the minute it opens up!!!

    Looks like another good selection of classes LIsa!

  2. I live in South Africa, will not be able to attend the workshops unfortunately!
    BUT: I am very interested in the work with putting tatting into resin, seeing that I have experimented with putting some bobbin lace into resin.. Please keep me posted?

    1. Annemarie, if you’re on Facebook, there are several tatters who have been experimenting with encasing tatting in resin. I’d suggest the group Just-Tatting. 🙂 – Lisa

  3. Do you have room for small rv parking? Class B Road Trek van, can fit n regular space but 20’ long. I’d love to make this my summer trip from WA state.

    1. Sue, there’s a nice KOA campground right here in Chesterfield, just a couple of blocks away. It used to be called Timberline. They can accommodate pretty much all sizes!

    1. Good question, Bernice, and I know I sent you an email…but thought I’d go ahead and answer it here as well. Class schedules are emailed out around the middle of June, as soon as I get everyone assigned. 🙂 Normally, though, if there’s an issue with getting someone in the class, it’s someone who’s registered later rather than earlier.

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