Designer of the Week: Hye-oon Lee

Hye-oon Lee has published her second book, Lovely Tatting:  Doilies for Fall and Winter.  IMO, it’s even better than the first book – and I loved the first one!  Here, she shares with us the reasoning behind one of the prettiest patterns in the new book, “Serafina”:

One Christmas, my daughter and I went to see The Nutcracker. She wanted to see it for such a long time, and we finally got to see it that year. It was a magical sight to see the ballerinas dancing across the stage in their beautiful tutus and pointe shoes. While developing the Serafina motif and doilies, I remembered the colors and textures of Maurice Sendak’s production. I used two colors (gray and pink) to clearly show the use of the split ring technique, which I chose to use instead of chains to avoid reversing the work. Every time I look at the Serafina motif and doilies, it’s a pleasant reminder of that Christmas.

The book can be purchased from the Tatting Corner using the following link:


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